We love our community, which has a combination of large town amenities with small town charm. It is an antique hunters paradise, and offers a wide variety of recreational interest like fishing, mountain climbing, horseback riding, and our annual Ramona Fair and Rodeo.
Ramona is located about 40 miles from downtown San Diego in the northern corridor of San Diego County. Orignally known as “Nuevo”,but in 1884 the settlement was renamed after a lovely indian maiden featured in the book “Ramona” written by Helen Hunt Jackson.

 Mountain Valley Ranch is owned and operated by the Battaglia Family. family
We are located in an area once referred to as the “Valley of the Sun” by local Indians. Mountain Valley Ranch is part of the Stokes-Ortega 1843 Land Grant made by Mexican officials to Edward Stokes (aka Don Eduardo Stokes), and his father-in-law, Don Jose Joaquin Ortega. The settlers changed the name to “Valle De Pamo Santa Maria”, meaning “Warm Valley of St. Mary”. Around 1875 the name was shortened to “Santa Maria Valley”.
Captain Edward Stokes, an English sea captain, sailed into the Port of San Diego during the late 1830’s and was the original land grant owner. The Stokes played a cameo role in events that took place on their land, as well as the neighboring San Pasqual Indian Pueblo. Captain Stokes was one of the first white men to own land in this area and he played an integral part in the bloodiest engagement in California history.
Early December 1846 American troops pitched camp on lands as the Warner Springs Ranch. On the morning of December 6, 1946, the troops broke camp and departed the Stokes ranch. Later that same morning they engaged in a fierce and bloody battle with the Californios at what has become known as the Battle of San Pasqual. . It was the only battle lost by United States troops who were fighting with the descendants of the original Spanish ranching families.
Adolfo Stokes, born in 1844, was the eldest son of Edward and Maria Stokes. Adolfo became a prominent figure in Ramona, and ran the stage line between San Diego and the booming mining camps of Julian and Banner. It was Aldolfo who built the our ranch house in 1871, constructing it from handmade adobe bricks. It is one of the oldest structures still standing in Ramona and still serves as a private residence.
The Battaglia family whose previous house on Coronado Isand was haunted, make the same claim of our Ramona ranch house. It may be the kinetic energies of persona having long ago left this earth that still linger here. If our walls could talk, what fascinating stories they could reveal.

The Battaglia family and all those employed by us here at Mountain Valley Ranch, hope you enjoy exploring our site!
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